Koji Seto To Be A Woman In Live Action Princess Jellyfish!

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gogoanimestv.com – Koji Seto Will Be A Woman In Live Action Princess Jellyfish!

The official website of live action Princess Jellyfish adapted from manga by Akiko Higashimura released the announcement that Koji Seto became one of the main cast as Kuranosuke Koibuchi.

The main character, Tsukimi Kurashita will be played by Kyoko Yoshine. Junichi Ishikawa became the director. This Live Action will air in January 2018 at FujiTV.

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<p> Manga Princess Jellyfish is about a girl named Tsukimi who likes jellyfish jellyfish. One day, Tsukimi sees a jellyfish in danger and he tries to help the jellyfish. There was one beautiful woman who came to help. But frankly this woman is a man! </p>
<p> This manga has been published in Kiss magazine in 2008 and graduated on November 13th at 16th volume. Her anime has already aired in 2010. Get also more interesting info about your favorite Anime and Manga News only <strong> gogoanimestv.com </strong> </p>
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