Knowing Juken, The Martial Arts Technique of the Hyuuga Family


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<h4> Hyuuga has one martial art that characterizes them, namely Juken. Let's get to know more about this martial art. </h4>
<p> In the anime series <em> Naruto </em>there are several martial arts techniques, started using empty hands, using sharp weapons. Of the many techniques in this animanga, there is one that is well known to the fans, namely Juken or Gentle Fist. </p>
<p> What is this Juken martial art technique? Juken is a martial arts technique that characterizes the family or Hyuuga clan in the Naruto <em> series. </em>. Perhaps the two most familiar characters we often use of this technique are Hinata and Neji Hyuuga. </p>
<h3> How to Martial Juken </h3>
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The Dangerous Martial Technique Of Konoha

Although there is Guy's eighth gate, but Juken is one of the dangerous techniques of Konoha. As described above, Juken allows users to stream chakra from all points of Tenketsu.

Juken can also damage the flow of the opponent's Chakra and damage the internal organs of his opponent, including closing Tenketsu's hole so that his opponent will become paralyzed. Gentle touch of Juken users in the body of the opponent alone can damage the internal organs, because it is very dangerous stance.


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