Know Why, Why Pain Using Piercing in Serial Naruto?


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<p style= Pain is one of the most popular characters in the Naruto series . How come? The character has been instrumental in giving Indonesian subtitles to Japanese anime this one has tremendous power. Of course, this is thanks to rinnegan that he got. In addition, he also has a cool and attractive appearance.

Speaking of Pain's appearance, surely you realize that he uses a lot of piercings on his head. You can find the piercings he uses in the nose, under the eyes, ears, mouth, neck, and other parts. Not only that, even these piercings can be found in other body parts, you know!

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In Naruto's own serial, Pain uses body piercings instead of as a fashion -moremore so as not to lose edgy than Ken Kaneki whose mask is always changing . Also, Pain uses no piercing to attract the attention of waifu Digimon . Then for what?

Naruto narrated that the piercing in Pain's body is used as a kind of 'antenna' to transfer the chakra belonging to the actual 'Pain' movers. Yes, who else if not Nagato.

However, there is a fairly unique story behind the piercing used by this Akatsuki leader. In the book Sha no Sho guidebook for Naruto Masashi Kishimoto recounts the process of making this Pain character. Masashi Kishimoto said of Pain:

" He is the leader of Akatsuki, so he must look pretty cool, but I want to keep him dangerous. Because the name 'Pain' (suffering), I also decided to add a few piercings on his body. It is like he is a man who will make his own body suffer. "

The philosophy given by Masashi Kishimoto about the Pain design is quite interesting. So, it seems that Masashi Kishimoto wants to make readers feel pain when he sees Pain full of piercings.

Additionally, the last sentence which states that Pain is a man who will make his own body suffer as if to say that this character will sacrifice anything-even his own body-to achieve his goal.

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Of course, this is still in a good sense, given Pain's real purpose is to bring peace to the world.

In addition, in the same book, Masashi Kishimoto also shows some sketches and concepts of the unused Pain. Some of these sketches show Pain using masks as well as bandanas with horns.

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<p style= That was the reason why Pain used piercing. What do you think the Pain character is? Share your opinion in the comment field, yes!


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