Know the Mother of the Great Naruto! The following Facts Kushina Uzumaki


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<h4 style= Kushina Uzumaki is a great Ninja as well as the best mother for Naruto. Check out some of the following Kushina Uzumaki facts.

Happy mother's day. On this special day, the author will give the facts about a mother in the anime and manga series Naruto which is quite famous, but very rarely shown, namely Kushina Uzumaki, mother of Naruto the hero of the Ninja world.

Any interesting things we can discuss about Kushina Uzumaki? Check out the following Kushina Uzumaki facts, from her childhood, to about Minashi's favorite pupils to Kushina!

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Growing Together The War

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<p style= Kushina did not have a nice childhood. Before moving to the village of Konoha, Kushina lived in a village called Uzushio in the land of Pusaran. In this village, all its inhabitants have unique abilities.

What kind of abilities? The villagers of Uzushio have a longer lifespan than other humans, hence the village is also dubbed a longevity village. In addition, Uzushio residents also have the greatness in doing the sealing or Fuin Jutsu. The inhabitants of this village are the Uzumaki clan.

In Fuin Jutsu, the greatness of the Uzumaki clan from the village of Uzushio is unquestionable, including Kushina. Unfortunately, this capability is also the inviting disaster for the village of Uzushio.

As the Ninja world is in turmoil and full of wars, the village of Uzushio is feared for the ability of the Fuin Jutsu they have. Eventually the village was destroyed by another village, and many casualties.

Some survivors finally get out of this village and spread to various regions to survive. Some of the survivors and out of this village are Fuso, the mother of Nagato who lives in Amegakure, then the mother of Karin who moved to Kusagakure, and of course Kushina, the mother of Naruto who moved to Konoha.

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<p style= After moving to Konoha, Kushina is still feeling the effects of war. Kumogakure is one of the Ninja villages that became the mortal enemy for Konoha. Already killing the Second Hokage, kidnapped Hinata for Byakugan, they also kidnapped Kushina for wanting to research his Chakra, and of course full control over the Kyuubi. Luckily Minato came to save her.

Kushina one of the prettiest female ninja in the Minato era? Is Kushina good cook? Check the next page.


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