Know Shenron? It's The 7 Dragon Ball Dragon That You Must Know!

Super Shenron will soon appear in episode Dragon Ball Super tomorrow! But do you know dragon in the world Dragon Ball there are many and not just that-that's it? Here is the Dragon Ball dragon that you must recognize by !

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<p> The first of course is Shenron from the earth itself! Shenron is the first dragon to appear in the Dragon Ball <em> series </em>. Shenron was created by the first earth god by Us who has now joined Piccolo. At the beginning of its emergence, Shenron was able to grant only one request and was unable to grant the same two requests. But since Dende succeeded Us, Shenron is now able to grant three requests. </p>
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Special rules apply if more than one person is raised at the same time. To raise a group of people, one request will count two. Another requirement is that the resurrected people should not die more than a year ago. So people who die within a year alone can be revived simultaneously by Shenron using two requests.

Like other Dragon Ball dragons, Shenron's strength is tied to the creator. He can not grant requests beyond the power of anyone who created them. In addition, if Dragon Ball dragon creator dies then the dragon will also die and the existing dragon ball will turn to stone. This not only applies to Shenron but also applies to all Dragon Ball dragons, therefore the author will not repeat that part in the next list.

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<p> Next is Dragon Ball Dragon from planet Namek: Porunga! </p>
<p> Porunga was created by Master, the God of Namet Planet whose position was subsequently replaced by Moori. Porunga was introduced as a Dragon Ball dragon which is stronger than Shenron. Porunga has the ability to grant three requests from the beginning and he is also able to grant the same requests many times as long as his death is not caused by something natural like old age or illness. </p>
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Unfortunately Porunga can only revive one person with one request, unlike Shenron who is able to awaken many people at once. But there is no particular restriction for Porunga to raise the person in question. No matter how many people died or how many times he was resurrected, Porunga can still revive him.

Fortunately, since Porunga was created by Moori who was a substitute for Master, Porunga can now turn many people at once without having to reduce the number of requests like Shenron. The downside, Porunga can only grant the request spoken with Namek Language. So even though he can understand a language other than Namek, Porunga still will not grant the request that was submitted not with Namek Language.

Of the two above dragons already known by the [DragonBall1945] fans, are not they? What about the Dragon Ball Dragon on the second page?

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