Know No, How No 17 and 18 Can Be Android?


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<h4 style= Akira Toriyama explains the origins of No. 17 and 18 before they became android. What did their past look like?

No. 17 and 18 became two very frightening enemy characters at the beginning of their appearance in Dragon Ball . Both the android which turned out to be twin brothers have a power that is far above the Super Saiyan at that time. However, do you know how No 17 and 18 can be android like today?

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In 19459007 along with the creator Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama (via Kanzenshuu), the creator was asked how No 17 and 18 could become android. The creator of [DragonBall replied:

" Hmm. Before they became android, they were both well known rogues. Then, while Gero is looking for material for his experiment, he accidentally meets Gero, and is kidnapped on the spot and converted into android. Gero kidnaps them forcibly, so they hate Gero and rebel against him. "

So, that's the short story from Akira Toriyama about how these two android can become android. The explanation above also explains why the android whose real name is Lapis and Lazuli is very hate Dr. Gero. Uniquely, though hates Dr. Gero, but No. 17 and 18 still use their android names instead of real names. In addition, they also called Dr. Gero as their "father".

After Cell Saga itself, these two android continue their respective lives. No. 17 became a worker in a wildlife reserve, protecting wild animals. Unlike his younger brother, No 18 went on living by marrying Krillin and having a child.

The existence of these two characters alone is not forgotten in Dragon Ball Super . Goku also recruited the two android brothers as a member of the universe team 7. Surely, there is a good reason why Goku recruited them: because Goku acknowledged the strength of both – even they have unlimited stamina because they are android.

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