Knight of Britannia Already Confirmed


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<h4 style= This is Roster The Seven Deadly Sins: Knight of Britannia which you can choose to fight! Who is the character of a fighter from your favorite British world?

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced many roster The Seven Deadly Sins: Knight of Britannia which you can choose to fight. This game does offer a Dissidia Final Fantasy fight with characters from the anime The Seven Deadly Sins . There will be two modes that can be accessed namely Adventure mode and Duel mode.

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For Adventure mode, the player will portray the protagonist characters that appear in the original series. There will be a background story that exactly the same for you to live. Even every enemy along the way, also based on the enemies that appeared in the original series.

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<p style= The player will center on a headquarters, Meliodas's bar is Boar Hat. Your ultimate goal is to defeat the Holy Knight guarding the Kingdom of Liones. In addition you must also protect the princess Elizabeth. In the meantime there will be many quests appearing in this game, complete the quest to continue your adventure!

Well, one of the most interesting features in the game made by Natsume Atari is the appearance of Duel mode. From the name alone is clear, this Duel mode offers a battle between game-style characters fighting . In this mode, the player can select additional options either fighting one on one or two against two.

Duel mode is quite complex, because players can customize some of the techniques they will use to fight. In addition, players can also choose the right place to fight which is all adapted from the original manga and anime.

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<p style= There will be more than 20 roster The Seven Deadly Sins which you can choose to play with. From trailer above, a total of 25 characters are available. Each of these characters is indeed preached in the original story. Well, for those of you who have never known them, just take it easy, because I will discuss it in detail.

Here are some roster The Seven Deadly Sins: Knight of Britannia that have been confirmed by Bandai Namco Entertainment:



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<p> <em> Roster The Seven Deadly Sins </em> first is Meliodas. He is the main character in this game. Roughly speaking, he is an all-rounder <em> based character </em>. He can fight from close range or away quickly, and his attacks are directed. </p>
<p> As in his original manga and anime series, he has the ultimate stance called "Full Counter." As the name implies, this jutsu is able to reflect enemy attacks that lead to him. This technique is very effective to fight enemies focused on remote attacks. Because they will be hit by their own attacks! </p>
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<p> He is a close-range fighter who has super-fast and directional attacks! Ban has a special ability called "Physical Hunt," sucks the power of the opponent's magic to restore his strength, then attacks with the force he steals it. </p>
<p> However, to perform a good combination of attacks, other techniques are needed to support it. </p>
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<p> Diane is actually a giant who uses a hammer named Gideon to fight his enemies. Players can only use Diane in a giant size in Adventure mode only. As for the Duel mode, Diane will appear in the form of a normal human being. </p>
<p> In her original story, Diane inadvertently switched bodies with Elizabeth. In this form, it has high attack ability. It's just the movement when fighting quite slowly. It has a fast-paced attack called "Double Hammer." This attack is so close that it takes the right time to be used optimally. </p>
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