Killing Melulu, This is the Compilation of the Death of Leomon from Various Digimon Series!


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<h4 style= Digimon is cool but has a bad fate, this is the compilation of Leomon's death in the serial Digimon.

As if having a terrible fate, Leomon and all its variations are almost always made to die in every appearance. Not just a single series, even almost all Digimon series that have Leomon and its variations, are likely to die. In fact he was nicknamed Krillin from the Digimon series.

Although in some cases the dead digimon will be re-enacted, but still the death of this lion monster seems to be the agenda and distinctive feature of the serial Digimon .

There are several deaths experienced by Leomon, the following authors have summarized the compilation of the death of this lion digimon and its variations from all Digimon series


Leomon – Digimon Adventure

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<p style= This Leomon is the first Leomon variation shown to be dead. This death is caused by a MetalEtemon attack. Initially, MetalEtemon intends to attack Mimi who was then unattended and less alert.

Leomon that has evolved into the form of Mega, namely SaberLeomon jump directly to Mimi. Though already in Mega form, yet the unexpected attack of MetalEtemon is so strong, that SaberLeomon suffered serious injuries on his back.

Ikkakumon who happened to be on the scene, instantly evolved into Zudomon. With Thor Hammer, Zudomon successfully crushed metal protection from the powerful MetalEtemon body, and SaberLeomon gave his final attack so MetalEtemon died.

There is a price to pay. As a result of the wound, SaberLeomon again became Leomon, and he was dying. Joe is disappointed with himself for not being able to heal Leomon, while Mimi is angry because he does not want any more dead, especially because it protects him. Leomon was finally dead.

The death of Leomon above may be death in Digimon which we most remember yes. What about the other Leomon's death? Check the next page.


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