Kenshin Himura's Facts to Know Fans (Part 2)


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<h4> Previously we had discussed the fact of Kenshin Himura, where in that article we have uncovered the facts that exist in the swordsman, this time we will return to discuss the fact of Kenshin Himura but more deeply. </h4>
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Talking about Kenshin, there are so many things that we can explore from this iconic character, some facts Kenshin Himura part 2 is guaranteed to make you know more about Kenshin.

Without too much ado, here is the fact of Kenshin Himura part 2 which will be discussed by


Kenshin Earns Have Wife

Long before he became a traveler, Kenshin Himura actually had a wife. Kenshin's wife was named Yukishiro Tomoe, Tomoe is a woman who already has a fiancee named Kiyosato Akira, but it turns out Akira was killed by Kenshin.

Tomoe himself wants to take revenge on Kenshin and pretend to love him, but fate tells others because they just love each other. It was Tomoe that made Kenshin quit as a murderer.

While fighting his opponent named Tatsumi, Kenshin accidentally slashed Tomoe's body, at that time Tomoe stood in front of Kenshin for wanting to protect him from Tatsumi.

Due to his deep regret, Kenshin finally decides to retire and chooses to become a nomad, Kenshin also replacing his sword with a reversed-edged sword (Sakabatou).

It is known that Kenshin accidentally killed Tomoe because at that time the senses heard and saw Kenshin weakened, so he could not predict the presence of Tomoe.


Luka X in his cheek is lost in the end of his life

Towards the end of his life, it turns out that X's wound on Kenshin's cheek disappears. Many believe that the loss of this X sign signifies the loss of regret in his heart.

During this time, Kenshin was so sorry for being a murderer even to his wife, Tomoe died. This makes Kenshin feel guilty and continues to wander to atone for his sins.

As time passes, he ends up in self-impregnation and makes the wound disappear as well as a marker that Kenshin has escaped the burden of life that ensnares him.


Severe Pain

Kenshin's body is told to begin to weaken in Samurai X: Reflection . At that time Kenshin who fought with the government never returned home. Kaoru was then desperate that Kenshin would return.

No return of Kenshin to the house because he is no longer able to walk away because he is being gnawed by disease (not known what his illness).

But in the end with the help of Sanosuke Sagara, Kenshin was brought home, when the return was the scene that made the baper shown. For the last time Kenshin meets Kaoru and dies on his lap

It was this disease that finally stopped Kenshin as a nomad and made him a legend.


Got Son Named Kenji

The final fact in the article of fact Kenshin Himura Part 2 This is Kenshin having a son named Himura Kenji. Kenji is the son of Kenshin's marriage to Kaoru, Kenji himself is very similar to Kenshin.

It is also known that Kenji follows in his father's footsteps to wander in order to gain true power. On his way Kenji meets with a teacher from Kenshin, Seijuro Hiko.

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