Kenbunshoku Haki Luffy to be as strong as Katakuri?!


In One Piece 886, Rayleigh's inspirational words seem to be pushing Luffy to become stronger. Will Kenbunshoku Haki be as strong as Katakuri?

Discussion One Piece This 886 clearly contains the spoiler . If you have not followed the latest developments of his manga and do not like leaks, in fact you go into the wrong article.

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But if you are already reading and want to make sure not to miss the interesting details, or simply do not mind the leaks, read the following discussion below.



Reminder of Sanji Speed ​​Problem

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<p style= Prior to this, OPLovers may have forgotten the greatness of Sanji.

No wonder, because this one guy had lost in some of his fight. Especially when he tried to duel with Vinsmoke Judge. After that he had long been a prisoner of Germa and the Big Mom family. He even had to beat his own captain.


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One Piece 886 reminds again the greatness of the chef. When Charlotte Oven caught Chiffon, he almost beat her up. But Sanji can sped quickly, beat the Oven, then back again. Even the Oven does not know who attacked him.

Yes, that's a great achievement. Only two oven intervals have been able to find Chiffon again. That means he's a conscientious type. Sanji remains faster.

It was not in vain Sanji long suffered on the island okama .


Not a Good Chapter for the Charlotte Oven

At the above points, Sanji successfully beat up the Oven unnoticed. One Piece 886 unfinished, Oven re-humiliated. This time by a shot that landed on his face, forced him to release the Chiffon he had caught. Though the Oven had felt himself in the wind.

Who is the perpetrator of this shooting? The answer is Bege.

Bege and the pirate group Firetank were the first Big Mom enemies to reach Cocoa Island. Initially he was seen in a difficult situation, because Oven managed to secure the Chiffon.

But in fact Bege actually managed to attack first. OPLovers may already know Bege as a cunning tactician, as well as a walking fortress thanks to the Devil Fruit power he possesses. Even so, it seems that this time Bege shows he is also a sniper.

Now, the Firetank pirate group is the first to help take care of the Big Mom wedding cake that Sanji, Chiffon and Pudding have completed. But the Oven is still alive and they are surrounded by the Big Mom fleet. What will they do?

What is clear is that help is coming soon.

Continued discussion One Piece 866 can be read on the second page.


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