Katakuri or Luffy Who Will Fall?!


 One Piece 885 prediction One Piece </em> 885 is present for you! The fight between Luffy and Katakuri finally reaches a climax, with Luffy knowing the way the power of the Katakuri.Who guess who will win? </h4>
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This article may contain spoilers. For those of you who have not read One Piece 884 or who just follow the anime series only, it is advisable to think twice before reading the prediction One Piece 885 following.

But if you do not trouble with spoile r, continue!



The Antarctic Conflicts

Apparently in accordance with the author's prediction for One Piece 884, this cover story does show that long-sleeved and long-leg tribes do have prolonged conflict. Uniquely, the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance which stops the battle of both ships also has members from both tribes concerned.

For prediction One Piece 885, it looks like Ideo and Blue Gilly will stop the feud between the two chiefs. Although not shown in the next chapter, it could be the end of the cover story for the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance later on is the cessation of the two tribes' conflict thanks to the help of Ideo and Blue Gilly.

The question mark for writers is how Ideo and Blue Gilly, each of whom are members of long-term and long-legged tribes, can be peaceful, as the tribes' conflicts have been running for thousands of years. What is the cause of this conflict?

Probably the same as what is experienced by Fish Man and Mink, it's just lighter. If Fish Man and Mink are enemies by human beings because their physicality is completely different, it could be that the long and long-sleeved tribes are fighting because the physical differences are not so different but striking. It may even be a simple beginning, that is, from too high a pride of their race and ridicule to other races.

The issue of racial discrimination has often been discussed in the world One Piece so it is not surprising that the issue of racial hostility is also lifted. It's just that because it does not have a direct effect on the main story, this issue is included in the cover story.


The Pirate of the Sun, Moving!

Apparently the members of the Sun Pirates can not remain silent seeing their captain (or ex-captain) in danger. With the help of Charlotte Praline, the child of Big Mom who married Aladine, they can clear the area from sea slugs and make the Big Mom crew unable to track the existence of the Straw Hat ship.

In the prediction One Piece 885, it looks like the Pirate of the Sun will be shown at the beginning of the next chapter. Either in what position, the Sun Pirates will likely show what they plan to help their boss, Jinbe. Perhaps this was also his attention to the former captain who always supported the crew's load alone.

Did not Oven and Pound come also to Cocoa Island? What is the effect in the story? Prediction One Piece 885 will cover it on the second page!


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