Kaneki Turns into a Giant Monster! Will Man and Ghoul Will Work Equally?


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<h4> Kaneki instead of dying becomes a giant monster! Will humans and Ghouls work together to defeat the Kaneki monster? </h4>
<p> Manga <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> <em> chapter </em> 145 has been released. As always, the mangaka, Sui Ishida gives a different surprise from our mind. If you have read <em> chapter </em> 143 and 144, you must understand the meaning here. </p>
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Previously, Kaneki was made to almost die. After being defeated by Juzou, he can not do anything with his armless body and legs. Death Flag which is shown also very strong.

In chapter 144, Kaneki is really shown as a man who will die. He began recalling memories and even imagining his own diverse personality.

At the end of chapter the change is beginning to be seen. Kaneki tried to get up because of one trigger, Touka, his own wife. He did not want to die, he wanted to meet Touka. For this reason, he got up and started attacking CCG members.

While attacking CCG members, and eating them, Kaneki's body regenerates very strangely. The shape now resembles a large centipede, just like his Ghoul motif.

If in chapter 144 Kaneki's body became a monster not too big, unlike in chapter 145. Kaneki not only became a big centipede, in fact he became a giant centipede and a Kaiju type.

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<p> Kaiju itself is Japanese for gigantic monsters, such as Godzilla or monsters of the <em> Ultraman </em> serial. Like Kaiju, Kaneki also wildly destroys a city. </p>
<p> Tokyo night was being showered by rain. The residents had their activities as usual, but all changed when Kaneki attacked. In a rage, the giant Kaneki monster destroyed the building and slaughtered innocent civilians. </p>
<p> The Japanese government is also confused by this phenomenon, and begins to think of the next action to defeat Kaneki. Possibly, the first strike from the government is to use a military attack, just like the general Kaiju attack we know. </p>
<p> Next, the government may order the remnants of CCG troops to defeat Kaneki with their own Quinque. If it still does not work and Kaneki is still raging, how is the next action? </p>
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