Kaneki Monster Becomes a Unifier of Man and Ghoul, Can Kaneki Help?


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<h4> If man and Ghoul cooperate with each other to defeat Kaneki monster, will Kaneki survive, and man and Ghoul can cooperate? </h4>
<p> <em> The most recent chapter of Sui Ishida's manga, <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> has been released. Kaneki is still the same as <em> chapter </em> before. Monster Kaneki or Dragon is destroying Tokyo city. </p>
<p> This gigantic kakuja was battered by Japan Self-Defense Forces or Japanese military unity. Scenes like movies <em> Kaiju </em> the gigantic monster destroying the city happened. </p>
<p> Unfortunately, Kaneki is not that easy to beat. On the contrary, when he was attacked and fell from a skyscraper, instead of being hurt, he became even more brutal and ran towards the civilian crowd, and certainly easily killed them all at once. </p>
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So it is clear, the reason why Kaneki became like this also turned out to be interference from Furuta. Certainly Furuta's movements in chapter previously seem strange is certainly not without reason.

Narrated in the tale of the Ghoul, that once lived a first-eyed Ghoul, he was dubbed the King of 24 Ward or the underground labyrinth. Ghoul is spreading the energy of life throughout the world. Unfortunately, Kaneki is not currently spreading life, instead she takes more lives.

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<p> After learning that there is almost no possibility to revive Arima and Hairu, Ui ultimately prefers to take action. He will rise up, which is likely to help the Investigator to defeat the Kaneki monster. </p>
<p> Possibly, two of Kaneki's men, Hirako and Yusa Arima will also help. If so, would humans and Ghouls would work together to defeat Kaneki. It may actually happen. </p>
<p> Maybe initially only Ui and Hirako will fight it, but predictions of the author, in some <em> chapter </em> fore will many Investigators and other Ghoul who will come down to help. Then, if Kaneki can be helped? It seems unlikely that this will happen, but Sui Ishida likes to surprise, we look forward to the continuation of <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> next. </p>
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