Johnny's West Boyband Group Will Be Charging Opening Song for Captain Tsubasa

Having previously announced the ranks of staff and voices to be present in the series, now the anime production team Captain Tsubasa himself has announced who will sing the theme song for the anime adaptation Captain Tsubasa the latest and potentially the next anthemic song of Tsubasa after the legendary song like Dragon fever, dragon fever, no question !!!!!! .

The super-popular boyband of Johnny's Entertainment that has jump-started Arashi, Kanjani 8, and SMAP named Johnny's West will fill the theme song for the latest adaptation of the legendary anime among Indonesian audiences. The song that will be sung by this group is titled "Start Dash!" And will be asked to be the opening theme of this anime.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

The Claim


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This is not the first time Johnny's West has put his song into an anime, formerly a group filled by Daiki Shigeoka, Junta Nakama, Takahiro Hamada, Akito Kiriyama, Tomohiro Kamiyama, Ryusei Fujii, and Nozomu Kotaki has filled the song for the anime adaptation Gyakuten Saiban and Monster Hunter Series Ride On through songs "Jinsei wa Subarashii", "Gyakuten Winner" and "Bokura Kyou mo Ikiteiru".

This time, the latest anime adaptation of Captain Tsubasa will tell the story of Tsubasa from elementary school and will remake the first anime series to air in 1983, adapting the manga from volume 1 up to 25.


The newest anime of Captain Tsubasa will also be starred by some popular voice or seiyuu ie Yuko Sanpei as Tsubasa Ozora, Kenichi Suzumura as Genzo Wakabayashi, Ayaka Fukuhara as Taro Misaki, Mutsumi Tamura as Ryo Ishizaki, Takuya Sato as Kojiro Hyuga, and Katsuyuki Konishi as Roberto Hongo.

Meanwhile, the famous animation studio passing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure named David Production is believed to be the production house for this anime, some of the staff who took part in the project include Toshiyuki Kato as director, Atsushiro Tomioka (19459003) Inazuma Eleven, Pokemon XY ) as screenwriter, Hajime Watanabe as character designer, and Hayato Matsuo as a music stylist.

Gee gets increasingly impatient ya waiting for the latest anime from Captain Tsubasa .

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