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Anime One Piece is getting more exciting, because we've entered the wedding section of Sanji and Pudding, which must have gone awry in episode 832. In One Piece episode 833, there will be a confrontation between Jinbe and Big Mom!

We discussed a few episodes 832 first before switching to One Piece episode 833. In this episode, the wedding ceremony of Sanji and Pudding takes place, then there is something unexpected.

Initial plan, Pudding must shoot Sanji dead when he sees the third eye of Pudding. In his plan also should Sanji feel disgusted and afraid of the third eye of Pudding, but apparently not. Sanji who basically do appreciate women just think their three eyes are very beautiful.


Here, a crushing defeat for Pudding, because no one ever said that his third eye was beautiful. Afterwards, we see the Pudding era, and in the future, Pudding will fall in love with Sanji in earnest.

That's enough of a short discussion, now we're turning to One Piece episode 833, what will happen in the next episode? Marriage is a mess, after Big Mom's plan fails to kill Sanji, now Luffy and Kagebunshin his imitation comes out of a wedding cake.

Crushed cake, marriage destroyed. Big Mom is furious that the cake he's been waiting for and wants him to eat is suddenly destroyed by many Luffy.

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<p> Luffy moves quickly to photograph mama Carmel, but of course not that easy. Katakuri seems to have seen the future, and prepared himself, so that when Luffy wants to destroy the photo and make Big Mom go crazy, Katakuri hold him back. </p>
<p> On the other hand, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot are in the giant cake section, and wait to get out until Luffy finish destroying the photograph of mama Carmel. The scene in the opening song when Chopper and Carrot eat the cake, that's the case. </p>
<p> Katakuri reveals that Luffy he captures is the real Luffy, and the other is just an animal that changes his appearance using the Brulee mirror capabilities. Luffy is trapped in Katakuri's mochi! </p>
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