Jago Banget! This 9 Captain of the Witch's Troops in Black Clover!

Inside the anime world Black Clover today, the Clover Kingdom is told to have nine magicians. Every troop of course is led by a captain, the most powerful in the army. Who are the wizard captains in Black Clover ?

Black Clover is an animation based on manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. As the anime version appeared, I easily fell in love with Black Clover .

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The easy way to love anime from manga lagir in 2015 is caused by non monotonous fighting style, opening song that can always make me excited (both from first to last), and Asta's enthusiasm

Asta is one of the characters in it who wants to become the Emperor of Magic in the Clover Kingdom, though without being equipped with magic. In addition, the presence of Yuno who is Asta's half-brother, both of whom were raised as foster children in their home church, also made the appeal of this anime even greater.

Just imagine, when Asta was born without magic power, Yuno was even equipped with great magic. No wonder the two compete very tightly, but the competition takes place at a pleasant level. Unlike Naruto and Sasuke, which make the kesel and quite complicated.


Well, in the story Black Clover the audience is also not only served with the competition of the two boys who want to become the Emperor of Magic. The reason, in the Clover Kingdom also told of the existence of nine magicians who are ready to provide assistance in maintaining the kingdom.

The nine magicians certainly have an interesting power, and also can not be considered one eye. No wonder it takes a tough test for those who want to enter as members of the wizarding army in the Clover Kingdom.

Each troop is led by a captain, who of course becomes the most powerful man in the army. Have you known the nine captains of the magicians in Black Clover ? If not, please visit the next page to find the answer.

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