It's Evidence That One Piece Story Flow Is Actually Boring

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Is the storyline One Piece is it exciting? Or maybe the storyline One Piece boring? There are several reasons and opinions regarding it, however, is it true One Piece is indeed boring?

To determine whether [OnePiece is boring or not, we must check some important points about it, and will be discussed in this article.

These points are like the development of character, the appearance of the enemy, the enemy's motivation, or the groove of an arc from the beginning begins, until the plot is completed. See if it is true that [OnePiece is boring?

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<p> In a story in Shonen Jump magazine, character development can be considered to be a must. The reader will be shown the development of characters from nobody, to a great character. Then, is it at this point <em> One Piece </em> boring? </p>
<p> The development of character can be considered boring if the character has the same nature and thinking, without any better development during the course of the story. Incidentally according to the author himself, for this point, anime and manga <em> One Piece </em> is quite good at presenting the character's development, especially from Luffy, the main character. </p>
<p> Are you aware of it? Before <em> time skip </em> two years, Luffy's character is like other Shonen Jump characters, ie noisy, do whatever he likes, and most <em> stereotype </em> is a character acting before thinking. </p>
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However after two years, Luffy's character has progressed (although still careless and noisy). Some developments such as starting to think of the future plan to be the most important. In addition, as we get older, Luffy gets older and thinks of other characters in his own way.

Then, is the character development in anime and manga One Piece is it boring? Looks like for this point is not boring. Eichiro Oda makes their characters grow well, especially each member of the Straw Hats Pirate.

Although the development of the character One Piece is not boring, but on the front page, we will see the minus points and make the storyline One Piece boring! What is that? Check out the next page!

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