It's Den Den Mushi's Fact, The Unique Communication Tool of the One Piece World!


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<h4 style= Snails get used to calling? Such is the unique communication tool in the world One Piece called Den Den Mushi! Check out the following Den Den Mushi facts!

Communication is something very important. Its function can connect one person with others even in a great distance. Of course, communication in the world One Piece is also very important, especially the universe One Piece is vast and there is no more advanced communication technology than Den Den Mushi!

Yup, the name of the communication tool in the world One Piece is Den Den Mushi. What is Den Den Mushi really like? It turns out a lot too, lho Den Den Mushi fact that is unique and may not have you know. What is it?


Pure Animal

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<p style= Perhaps for those of you who do not know, the early look Den Den Mushi, you think that the communication tool in the world One Piece this is artificial, or maybe some kind of technology developed by scientists. Apparently, you are wrong (though not completely wrong).

Den Den Mushi is a unique snail species, and has some kind of useful ability to communicate (we'll discuss how it works on the next page). Then, is he some kind of pet?

As an animal, Den Den Mushi necessarily requires a variety of life supporters, such as food or shelter. Humans who utilize the ability Den Den Mushi, naturally take care and give it food, so the Den Den Mushi slug felt no problem used as a "tool".

Snail Den Den Mushi is also not arbitrarily choose the user. The better the user while taking care and also keep the Den Den Mushi, then this slug will be more loyal and continue to follow its users.


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On the other hand, Den Den Mushi remains the animal that is also living creature, so wrong in the care, then he could be in pain, or die. In fact, if a Den Den Mushi is sick or not in top condition, the snail will not work and will not make a phone call.

How does Den Den Mushi work? Curious? Check out the next page!

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