It's 12 One Piece Characters That Can Beat the Troop Alone!

Lords Mobile



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Liked the strategy game? Do not miss out trying Lords Mobile! Strengthen your army to victory!

The World One Piece was magical. There are a lot of powerful fighter fighters there. There are even figures who can defeat the troops alone!

Anyone? Here is the discussion!

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<p> Charlotte Linlin is definitely one of the characters <i> One Piece </i> who can defeat the troops alone. </p>
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This one woman has been extraordinarily powerful since childhood. Now, he has tremendous destructive power and an almost impenetrable skin. If he moves, thousands of navy soldiers may not be enough to fight him.

Already so, Linlin also has Haoshoku Haki, which she can use to K.O. the soldiers were gutless with only one intimidation. Then he can also use Soru Soru no Mi's power to kill instant many people at once!

Kaido can be defeated. Kaido can even be arrested. But disabling this one will not be easy!

So far, Kaido is known to have massacred the entire crew of Gekko Moriah as well as defeating Eustass Kid. In fact, Kid is the worst generation with the highest game value!

As a figure who is said to be the strongest in the sea, land, and air, a single army may not be enough to stop Kaido. But what if his troops were the Straw Hats?

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<p> Basically, perhaps only the Kuja troops had a chance against the Logia. That's because they all, without exception, know how to use Haki. </p>
<p> Crocodile has proved himself unstoppably arbitrary in the Alabasta groove. Even the elite forces of Alabasta who have been strengthened with strengthening drugs can not touch this sand man. </p>
<p> Crocodile may be weak if it rains. But when faced on dry ground, like Alabasta, it seems that one army has no chance of winning against the character <i> One Piece </i> on this one. </p>
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The former Navy admiral is also unstoppable by an ordinary army.

Seeing what happened to Punk Hazard, it was easy for Kuzan to make one area into eternal frozen ground. Never mind the army, Kuzan can be regarded as a weapon of mass destruction of life. A prosperous country can become an uninhabitable plain if it wishes.

Well, it's poignant that a single character alone can make an army like nothing. But if you play Lords Mobile, you can strengthen your army to conquer enemies!

One of the important supporting factors for strengthening your forces in Lords Mobile is resource material alias. The more material you have, the sooner you increase the strength of your troops.

Many materials will make his game difficult? Make no mistake, despite the vast variety of materials, everything is very easy to obtain!

You can collect various materials through resource tile defeat monsters, buy in item mall to get with in app purchase .

Curious? Come on, try playing Lords Mobile!

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Character One Piece else who can defeat the troops alone can you check on the second page!

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