It turns out Kim Jong Un Likes to Read Manga Lho! Approximately what Manga he reads?


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Manga is an entertainment that anyone can enjoy. except with the North Korean president Kim Jong Un, it was later revealed that Kim Jong Un likes manga you know!

As the number one person in North Korea, naturally he is the most purified human being. Even through the propaganda done, perhaps the North Koreans who are closed from the outside world to the son of Kim Jong Il is parallel to God.

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But it is different with other countries such as South Korea or Japan. Kim Jong Un is considered a mastermind of the threat of war that continues to flog. American countries are often criticized Kim's policies that endanger world peace.

But this time, will not discuss the political intrigue done by Kim Jong Un, but will review a fact that may not be much trusted people, Kim Jong Un likes manga!

Although there is no compelling biography, some North Korean defectors claim to have seen Kim abroad, especially Switzerland. At the age of 12, Kim went to Bern, Switzerland in order to study. To keep his true identity as the son of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un changed his name.

Gabriel Meyer, a Swiss researcher, tells the Tokyo TV segment Yabai Hanashi The World, that Kim Jong Un loves the NBA. In fact he loves American basketball players, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Another hobby is reading manga, especially manga surrounding basketball ie Slam Dunk .

Gabriel Meyer also revealed in addition to Slam Dunk another manga favored by Kim Jong Un is the Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. Kim spent much of his time reading manga, finally getting a bad score while in Switzerland.

The fact Kim Jong Un likes manga certainly proves if manga can be entertainment for anyone. But does Kim Jong Un still enjoy reading manga in the midst of his occupation as dictator? What kind of manga is he reading now?


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