It Listing Location Poneglyph Road, Key to Raftel! Which is Last in Which Yes?

In the world One Piece, you can be one of the strongest creatures in the world, with an unusually large and mighty army, yet you still can not find the treasure of Gol D. Roger.

Look at Charlotte Linlin. This one lady has become a pirate with a game value of 50, which later became 500 million, Belly when she was a child. He also has triumphed when Gol D. Roger is still adventurous. But instead he was Roger's first to reach Raftel and become the king of pirates.

The reason is because to reach Raftel you can not just use fixtures like Log Pose. You should use the instructions written on each of the four Road Poneglyphs to find the last island on the Grand Line. Finding it alone is difficult, then once it is read it can be impossible. Only people like Nico Robin or Gol D. Roger alone can understand the contents of each stone. Robin then still needs help from Nami to understand that it is a location hint.

But where's the fourth Road Poneglyph right now? Let us remember again!



One Poneglyph is in Zou. Given Zou is usually very difficult to find, this stone seems to be one reason Big Mom can not complete the collection of his Poneglyph.


Raizo was tied to this Poneglyph so he would not appear. Therefore, as Raizo failed to find by Jack and Kaido's troops, this Poneglyph was still safe from the reach of Kaido.

Even so, somehow it seems that Jack knows how to guess Zunisha's movements. So maybe this Poneglyph is secretly still in the threat of the Kaido group.

At least, Robin has translated the contents of this Poneglyph, and Nami has read the navigation pieces written there.


Whole Cake Island

One Road Poneglyph is hidden in the Big Mom family treasures. Looks like the road Pongie- lph's guard did not get as tight as it is now. But after Gol D. Roger can find and hear what is written on the Road Poneglyph Big Mom, Big Mom also ensures that such incidents do not happen again.

Big Mom probably did not realize it, but he failed to do that. Brook managed to obtain a copy of Road Poneglyph. But since Robin does not belong to Sanji's rescue group, the Straw Hats crew had to wait before the contents of the information could be translated.

Location of the other Poneglyph Road can you check on the second page!

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