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Jougan Boruto is a unique eye technique, because Jougan's eye is the newest type of eye that we see first in the era Boruto only.

Boruto himself uses the power of Jougan's eyes quite well, though he has not been able to master Jougan's ability to the fullest.

From the beginning of Jougan Boruto's appearance, are you curious, about Boruto getting the power of Jougan's eyes from where, huh?

Could Boruto get his power by chance? Or perhaps this ability is born from the combined genes of both parents, the combined ability of Naruto and also Hinata?


However, the possibility is not only a combination of the two, but there is interference from one of the greatest races in the world Naruto who lives in outer space, Otsutsuki.

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There is also a greater possibility that the eye is not only a combination of the genes Naruto and Hinata, but there is the intervention of Toneri as well.

No, this is not like your thinking (if you are thinking of something strange), Toneri does not directly give his power to this son of Hinata, but through the Otsutsuki way or supernatural procedure, which predictions will also be discussed in this article.

Why is Toneri giving Jougan Boruto? Why not? Toneri has appeared since the beginning of the Boruto episode begins, and there, the encounter between Boruto and Toneri in the dream also hints at something.

Such a thing is, firstly, about the mysteriously emerging Jougan Boruto. Boruto himself was unaware of Jougan's early presence, not until he met a strange person in his dream.

There is one more point you must keep in mind while reading this article, Toneri is like giving a code and warning to Boruto, that Jougan Boruto's eyes are presented to solve or defeat the threat that will someday come and attack the Earth.

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<p> At first glance, Jougan Boruto's eyes have a resemblance to Toneri's Tenseigan. How to bring the eyes of Tenseigan known and possessed by Hamura Otsutsuki? </p>
<p> The trick is actually easy, but its resources are scarce. How to awaken Tenseigan by combining the Otsutsuki Chakra of pure Hamura descent, with the Hyūga Chakra, therefore Toneri get Tenseigan's eye with Hanabi's eyes. </p>
<p> If only Toneri were married to Hyūga, especially Hinata, then his son would most likely have Tenseigan's eyes, then Boruto? </p>
<p> The possibility of Toneri gives his power to Boruto, who knows what, so his eyes rise. </p>
<h4> <strong> Wait a minute, if the combined Otsutsuki Hamura and Hyūga descend into Tenseigan, then why is Jougan Boruto there? His theory is on the next page! </strong> </h4>
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