It Causes Goten and Trunks Easier Be Super Saiyan!


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We know Goten and Trunks as characters Dragon Ball The youngest Z capable of turning into Super Saiyan. Even the combined result of both, Gotenks, is the second character capable of achieving Super Saiyan 3 beyond Trunks' father, Vegeta. Of course this makes the fans wonder, how can they reach the Super Saiyan so easily?

Not long ago we were introduced to the main factor that is able to turn Saiyan into Super Saiyan, and it's not anger. Akira Toriyama revealed earlier in an interview summarized in [January Saikyo Jump edition of January 2018 that to become Super Saiyan, in addition to hard training also required S-Cell in a certain amount.

When the S-Cell in the Saiyan body reaches the required amount, the Saiyan may turn into a Super Saiyan with certain triggers. Anger is one of the things that can be a trigger, but not a major factor to be a Super Saiyan. Once triggered with excessive feelings, the number of these cells will increase dramatically and become active.

Then how can Goten and the younger Trunks have more S-Cells, making it easier for them to become Super Saiyan?

Unlike Gohan, Goten's father and Trunks have been able to enter the Super Saiyan mode since before the two were born. The S-Cells that have been active and abundant in both Goku and Vegeta's bodies are then passed on to Goten and Trunks, so they are born in a state of excessive S-Cell number.

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Given that number of S-Cells in both bodies, Goten and Trunks were able to access the Super Saiyan form at such a young age. In fact they do so without showing excessive anger, like Goku when it turns into Super Saiyan the first time.

Looking at this, are not characters like Pan and Bulla should also have the same potential or even greater than Goten and Trunks? Not only exposed by S-Cell from a child, Vegeta has entered the Super Saiyan God mode before the Bull is born. Supposedly, at least Bulla has enormous potential if he is interested in entering the world of battle.

In Dragon Ball Super and various other media we have been shown that women can become Super Saiyan, so Pan and Bulla should also have a pent-up power that is no less massive than their predecessors. Unfortunately in Dragon Ball GT we never saw Pan turn into Super Saiyan, let alone Bulla who was not interested in fights.

What do you think? Do you also want to see Pan and Bulla become Super Saiyan like Goten and Trunks? Answer in the comment field, yes!


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