Is Yuga Aoyama Evidently Evil? My Hero Academia 168 Gives The Answer!


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<h4> Yuga Aoyama the owner of Quirk Laser Navel should be just an eccentric figure. But his movements in chapter 167 were suspicious. Was he evil? <em> My Hero Academia </em> 168 gives the answer! </h4>
<p> Oh, this discussion clearly contains <em> spoilers </em> for the still-awaited <em> season </em> latest <em> My Hero Academia </em>. So for the actual anti-leaks, it is not advisable to continue reading past the warning below. </p>
<h4 style= SPOILER ALERT !!!

Ah, Yuga Aoyama. If for example someday makes a figure with the super-strangest ability, this one youth must enter. The reason … usually superhero can fire the laser through the eyes. (Like Cyclops or Superman). Yuga fired him through his navel.

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With his peculiar abilities as well as the hilarious narcissistic-narcissistic nature, Yuga does not feel as a serious character.

Then My Hero Academia 167 concludes with this picture.

Suddenly this incident became the attention of the fan My Hero Academia last week. Midoriya's life has just returned to calm, after a long and epic conflict against Overhaul. Then suddenly chapter 167 opened with the unexpected side of the allegedly ridiculous character.

What's going on? Is Aoyama secretly siding with criminals? Or is this eccentric guy replaced by Himiko Toga?

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<p> <em> My Hero Academia </em> 168 shows that Midoriya is aware of Aoyama watching him. Not only that, Aoyama has also left a mysterious message … which is formed with cheese. </p>
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The message may be ridiculous, but his words ("I know") are clearly curious. Midoriya just can not sleep anymore. What does Aoyama know? Why is he acting mysteriously?

Then it turns out the answer is ….

What Aoyama knew was that Quirk Midoriya did not fit his body. Midoriya can only use 20% of this power, if not assisted.

Aoyama, whose Quirk is incompatible with his nature and body, so understand what Midoriya feels. He also did a strange act earlier to entertain Midoriya. It's just that this is Aoyama, any way … unconventional.

Later Aoyama disrupted mood with a bowel movement in his pants. Perhaps he should have waited until he got back to the toilet first.

So, yep, so far there is no sign that Aoyama has been replaced by Toga or he is actually evil. My Hero Academia 168 asserts that the events at the end of the previous chapter are only a hoax, and the days of Midoriya are still relaxed.

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