Is This The Way For Goku To Save The Defeated Universe in the Tournament of Power?


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<h4> Zen-Oh feeling too much of the universe to watch over? Maybe this is a way for Goku to save the losing universe in the Tournament of Power! </h4>
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Goku gets acquainted with many tough fighters from other universities during the Tournament of Power. There are Toppo and Jiren, there are Hit, Caulifla, and Kale, there is also Brianne from Universe 2 who can push her as long as she does not become Super Saiyan Blue

Goku remembers this, he should be interested in fighting those people again. The problem is, it is impossible to do that after the tournament. Because the only universe left is the winning universe.

Vegeta has promised to save Universe 6 if she can win. But that's just one universe. If the Universe 7 champions and 6 are saved, that means Goku will permanently lose Jiren. It seems he will not like it.

So, how to save all the losing universe in the Tournament of Power?

First, remember the reason the Tournament of Power was done. Zen-Oh feels too much of the universe to be watched. Zen-Oh then wants to wipe out the weakest universe, for not improving the quality of their universe.

Well, do you know that because of the creatures like Frieza (which has eliminated Namek Lama and Sadala), calculated by Supreme Kai Universe 7 Universe 7 has only 28 planets possessing intelligent beings?

Given how big a universe is, it makes Universe 7 seem vacant. No wonder, Universe 7 to be called Universe 2 with mortal level the second lowest? The earth is filled with super-powerful fighter, but beyond that there are no intelligent creatures worthy of reckoning.

Well, from the above two sentences you may already be able to imagine for yourself how the solution of this dilemma. Goku needs only one request: awaken all the destroyed universe, but place them in Universe 7.

The request will suddenly make Universe 7 full. But anyway, now the universe is still very empty, so there should be room to do that.

In addition, the amount of universe that Zen-Oh ought to be supervised is still reduced to five. (Universe 7 and four who did not participate in the tournament). It's a simple solution.

What about the God of Destruction and the destroyed Supreme Kai? Goku may also be able to get them turned on, and now Supreme Kai and Destruction Gods are watching only one sector of the Universe 7 universe, not a different universe.

Between that and they are forced to remain extinct, because the position of God of Destruction and Supreme Kai at Universe 7 is already filled.

Well, what do you think? What will the winners of the tournament look like? Convey in the comment field!


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