Is the Tournament of Power in the Super Dragon Ball Just a Waste of Time?


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With the end of the Tournament of Power, the series ended Dragon Ball Super . Nevertheless, the story itself will proceed to Dragon Ball Super Movie . Well, apart from the continuation of the story Dragon Ball Super many think that the Tournament of Power is actually just a waste of time, why is that? Then, is it true that the Tournament of Power is a waste of time?

This thought emerged after more than 40 episodes of fighters from various Universes struggling to protect their own Universe. After one by one the Universe was knocked down and removed by Zeno, in the end the winner of the 17th Tournament of Power-Android asked again that the entire destroyed Universe be restored.

Before we discuss more about this, let's first compare it first with the manga. In the manga, it is told that Zeno will destroy all the existing Universe-and leaving only four-because of the number of Universes that are too many.

It was then, Goku appeared and recalled the tournament between the Universe that Zeno promised. Well, this is not told in the anime.


In the manga version, it is clear that the arrival of Goku gives an opportunity for a Universe to be destroyed to survive, and if ending is similar to anime, then Goku may have rescued other Universe-Universe from the beginning will be destroyed by Zeno.

As for the anime version, Goku is made as if the evil character who caused all the Universe who will participate in the Tournament of Power is threatened to perish. Without telling it, of course, many also think that Goku has done something very stupid by reminding Zeno about the tournament between the universe.

Well, with this premise, the idea of ​​fans watching anime (especially those watching only anime) is led to a tournament story where every fight fighter fights their Universe rescue. But, as already mentioned, the destroyed Universe is restored again with Super Dragon Ball.

So, does that mean Tournament of Power is a waste of time? Is this tournament only used to entertain Zeno solely? The discussion goes to page 2!

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