Is Nick Fury Attacked by Skrull? The words in The Winter Soldier These Hints!

Film Captain Marvel will take a backdrop in the 90s. Well, Samuel L. Jackson has been confirmed to play a role there as a young Nick Fury. Most likely this young Fury still has both eyes.


Yesterday, speculated that the mystery of why the Fury's broken eye could be revealed in Captain Marvel . Well, this time the author will discuss Fury's words about why he can experience the disability.

In The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers and Nick Fury had a chat about Project Insight.

Rogers says, "The soldiers believe in each other. That is the basis of an army. Not a group of people running around firing weapons. "

Fury's answer: " Last time I believed someone, I lost one eye. Look, I do not want you to do anything uncomfortable you do. Agent Romanoff was comfortable with anything. "

Why is Nick Fury's words interesting? Because Skrull's skill is infiltration. In comics, this one alien race can be transformed into anything. When Secret Invasion happened, their disguises were so perfect that they were so hard to detect. Even geniuses like Tony Stark and Reed Richards were surprised by the Skrull agent.

When Fury uttered the above sentence in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the assumption of most audiences was that Fury lost his eyes for being betrayed by his fellow agents on a mission.

But what if it happens not only because the agent is in the enemy organization? What if later in Captain Marvel a good Fury colleague turned out to be a Skrull infiltrator, and therefore Fury could be so unprepared until he lost one eye?

Let's just look at the development of the filming process Captain Marvel, especially true not the young Nick Fury who appeared in his movie later still has two eyes and only lost one later. If he had already lost one eye then this one mystery would remain a question mark, perhaps forever.

Well, that's the discussion of Nick Fury's words in The Winter Soldier and possibly his connection with Skrull and the movie Captain Marvel. How do you think? What does this happen? Share your thoughts in the comments field!

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