Is Jinbe's Position in the Straw Hat Not Important? Or Very Useful? This is the answer!

Jinbe has finally joined the Straw Hats group! Eits but dangerous for you who do not read his manga, since Jinbe's join has not appeared in the anime, so arguably this article is spoiler . Eh wait, you got hit spoiler means, huh? If so go read it!

In the manga One Piece chapter 901, Jinbe finally joins the Straw Hats group, and though his position has not been completely confirmed, but from his contribution when escaping from Big Mom headquarters, he controls the Thousand Sunny ship.


So you could say the position of Jinbe in the Straw Hats is a steering helmsman. Well the question arises, whether the position of Jinbei in the Straw Hat, the steering wheel steering is important? or it turns out to be useless? Let's discuss below!

The helmsman is not a position in One Piece most frequently highlighted, unlike captain, doctor, chef, or navigator and also sniper.

It is because anyone who has time and ability, then can be a ship's driver who regulate the movement of the ship as long as it takes.

An example of the person most often seen driving a ship in the Straw Hats is the Chopper in human form, Usopp, and also Nami. Several other members have also been shown steering ships such as Sanji or Franky.

Well because of this, many say that Jinbe's position in the Straw Hats is not important. It is, in fact, important!

Why is Jinbe's position in the Straw Hats important? Check the next page to continue reading this discussion!

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