Is He Really Child? Fact Zapp Renfro, Libra Members Most Frequently Wrong


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Without Zapp, perhaps the cheerfulness at Hellsalem's Lot is never there. this always provokes the laughter of fans Kekkai Sensen at every opportunity.On this occasion, we will discuss Zapp Renfro, the Libra member who most often misses.


The Playboy Character Is Surrounded by Many Women

Zapp Renfro

Many think, Zapp is known wild, tempramental and tend childish will not sell or at least get a lover. But who would have thought, the man users Big Dipper Blood Technique Kagutsuchi branch has many women savings in various parts of the city.

Even on each occasion, Zapp had some fun with the woman he had been expecting. The only woman who fails to get is only Angelica, Chain's friend who failed to contact because Chain refused to give an email to his nemesis.


The Most Frequent Character of an Accident

Arguably, Zapp most often suffered accidents along the series Kekkai Sensen . In episode 2 season 1, he crashed after being attacked by one of Beyond beings. Then in episode 2 season 2, he is shown dying of a direct collision with an armored trailer.

Worse yet in episode 3 season 2, his "asset" of importance was almost destroyed by failing to find his beloved pet's cat. In episode 5 season 2, he suffered a broken bone and was beaten Chain.

And lastly in episode 8, Zapp suffered a streak after accidentally beating Riel. Not quite up there, in the episode of episode 9, Klaus and Steven talk about Zapp who was again hospitalized with a mysterious accident.


Frequently Membully Leonardo

Zapp is often asked for help by Klaus to keep Leonardo on every mission. But Zapp actually use it for his own personal interests. Leonardo is often used as a sacrifice when defeating his enemies as in episode 6 season 2.

He also physically molested Leonardo and called him "curly hair". In addition, Zapp also often take the pizza that Leo escorted without paying.


Chick Enemy Chain Sumeragi

Everyone must know Chain hates Zapp very much. In fact he never once mentioned his name and called him "monkey". Zapp also often calls the woman with the nickname "dog lady".

Not only treated as an enemy, Zapp also often used Chain as a landing place when returning to Libra headquarters. No matter what the situation, she would land either in the stomach or in Zapp's eyelids. Even when the man was hurt, Chain even beat him with a basin for ridiculous reasons.

Only on the situation of life and death alone, both are just willing to cooperate. Like when Leonardo was kidnapped by a truck containing cannibals, Chain could track down Leonardo's location with Zapp's fire broker. They also had a joint fight when picking up Zed's stolen pod.


Libra Member Who Understands Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi

Like Zed O'Brien, Zapp also turned out to have been taught the typical martial technique by Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi. It's just that the training methods used tend to be sadistic so Zapp just got traumatized when the teacher came to Hellsalem's Lot.

During the Raju fight against Blood Breed, Zapp was caught and scolded by the teacher who considered him undisciplined. Unfortunately, all Libra members at the scene did not know what Raju was talking about until Zapp himself translated the teacher's words.


Having a Daughter


Maybe we did not think that this one playboy turned out to have had a child. That's actually not surprising given Zapp himself has many lovers and often have fun with them every night.

[1945907] In his own novel entitled Blood Blockade Battlefront – Only A Pay Per Moon Zapp was approached by a girl named Valerie Bama from the future. More precisely, Valerie came from Hellsalem's Lot ten years later.

Such is the fact of Zapp of the anime Kekkai Sensen . Do not forget to comment if you have any interesting extras, well!

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