Is Genesis in Chapter 900 The Ultimate Pudding?

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The title alone predictions One Piece 901, of course this speculation contains spoiler for unopened chapter 900. If you have not read it yourself and are actually anti-leaked, it is not advisable to go listen to this review.

Oh, as the title suggests, this article is a prediction [OnePiece 901, not a spoiler and also not a discussion. The incident here is speculation from the author and not necessarily true.

If you really have read and wonder what happened, look at the reviews this!



Pudding Is a Genesis Trial in Chapter 900?



In the discussion One Piece 900, the author has conveyed the theory that there is little possibility of Pudding responsible for the nightmare in the chapter.

Not that Pudding betrayed the Straw Hats anymore, but he successfully manipulated the memory of all his brothers at Whole Cake Island. It certainly will not be easy, given that most of the Straw Hat actors are in the ocean. But there are several reasons the author suspects this.

First: Pudding can indeed manipulate the memories of many people at once.

From the beginning, Pudding was prepared to manipulate the memory of all the guests present at the wedding. So this girl's Devil Fruit power is not limited to one or two people. He himself had previously manipulated the memory of all cookie chefs who helped create Big Mom's cake replacement.

But it may affect the memory of many people at once (one island plus many more in the waters!) Will have a bad impact on him. He therefore seems to have erased Sanji's memory of him.

Second: Noteworthy here is the selection of Pudding's words to Sanji before he seems to kiss and erase Sanji's memory. Pudding called it last request. Looking at the events in One Piece 900, does this mean that Pudding already knows that the Straw Hats will be destroyed?


The author feels Pudding has calculated here if the Straw Hats will not get away from Cocoa Island. (He has seen his own almost all his brothers are there). Therefore he took the initiative to take extreme measures that would ultimately endanger him.

Here's the point: if Pudding correctly manipulates the memory of all his siblings on Cocoa Island (so his siblings outside the island will get misinformation from Den Den Mushi), sooner or later will be caught by the Straw Hat escaped from Whole Cake Island. When it does, that will suffer its effects yes him. Because only he is able to manipulate one's memory.

Third: date chapter One Piece 900 will be official release. Did you know that actually used by the mangascan site is a leak? Weekly Shonen Jump releases every Monday. Edition containing One Piece 900 will be circulating in Japan on Monday, April 2nd. April Fool +1.

No, the authors do not think Oda will reveal that [OnePiece 900 900 is just a fake chapter, while the official chapter just released after the week off. But Oda could have taken advantage of the moment of April Fools to present a moment that actually deceived the reader before it was revealed later as an illusion. Again, the only character who can use this kind of trick is just Pudding.

Fourth: perspective. Most of this chapter actually highlights Big Mom and her kids rather than Luffy. In the most vital moments, the Straw Hats are even only shown in small panels before their ships should be destroyed. Luffy's last words were pronounced when the situation was still good, before the Oven began to burn the ocean and urged the sun pirate group.

This could be another sign that some of the events in One Piece 900 are really just nightmares of Pudding's work to help the Straw Hats escape.

So what will happen? Advanced prediction One Piece 901 can you check on the second page!

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