Is Dragon Once a Navy? This is the Discussion!

Monkey D. Dragon is a figure in One Piece which is still the subject of warm talk now. You see, the more info that is revealed about him, the more OPLovers are curious about him.

What is known is this Dragon is the boss of the Revolutionary Forces. He is the most culpable criminal of the World Government. He is also the son of Monkey D. Garp the hero of the Navy, and father of Monkey D. Luffy, the pirate of Worst Generation .

Why does he want to rebel? Who is his wife? How is the background first? It's all a mystery. But the author thinks of an interesting possibility: what if Dragon used to be the Navy?

1. Connection with Garp and Smoker

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<p> There are two major factors that support the Dragon theory of this Navy once. First is Garp's attitude to Luffy and Ace. </p>

As a naval hero, Garp desires Luffy and Ace to join him as a protector of the ocean. Even Garp reasoned the tortures he gave to Luffy before he did so that Luffy became the Navy.

Well, if Garp's cynicism encourages his grandchild and foster child to the Navy, what about his own son? The author feels Garp is preparing Dragon to be the Navy since the Little Dragon. Maybe with crazy ways like he did to Luffy too. The difference, while Luffy and Ace become pirates, there is an indication that Dragon was once the Navy, in line with Garp's expectations.

The basis of this author's guess is the Dragon interaction with Smoker when Smoker was about to capture Luffy in Loguetown.

"The government wants your head," says Smoker. But he does not look shocked at staring directly at the world's most wanted criminals. This indicates that Smoker has met with Dragon before. Their relationship also can not be too antagonistic, because if it is Smoker will react hotter when seeing the face of Dragon. Dragon then replied mysteriously, "The world awaits our answer."

The choice of the word "The world awaits WE answer" is worth examining. Luffy was being held by Smoker, and in the manga Sanji had been paralyzed first. Dragon voiced that utterly to the Smoker. We are referring to the Dragon and the Smoker.

This interaction feels more interesting in the manga. In the anime version, Smoker seemed to respond to Dragon's arrival flatly. While in the manga …

Smoker looks smiling.

After that, of course Smoker is angry because Dragon has helped release Luffy. (He has not realized that Luffy's Dragon's son is here). But Smoker's overall reaction to Dragon, even his interaction after the wind releases Luffy, is really interesting to analyze.

What's interesting is, Smoker did not bother to call his boss to say Monkey D. Dragon the revolutionary was in Loguetown. If this is another Navy figure, definitely the information about Dragon is a top priority. But he is more focused on catching Luffy again rather than reporting on the existence of World's most wanted criminals. It may be difficult for a human fog to catch a figure who seems to be in control of the wind. But there is no indication he even attempted to arrest the Dragon.

This makes the author sure that once Dragon and Smoker once became a partner in the Navy. It's just Smoker faithful in A.L., although he has found an injustice. Meanwhile Dragon is a threat to the World Government.

Say, it's true Dragon was once the Navy. Then why did he form the Revolutionary Forces? Continue reading his review on the second page!

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