Is Colossal Titan Number One? See The Answer!

The Titan's strongest discussion on Attack on Titan is based on the abilities they show up to chapter 101. It is possible that this list will change if there is a new Titan, or these giants show another cool ability!

Already curious who's the strongest Titan in Attack on Titan ? Let's start. But before, there was one honorable mention which you should also know.

0. Honorable Mention: Smiling Titan

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<p> Unlike the next names, Smiling Titan is not the Titan Shifter. He is classified as "only" the wild Titan. </p>

But this one Titan, before it was subdued, successfully killed two people who mattered most to Eren Yeager. He even endangered the life of Eren and Mikasa, though he had no sense. This is a better accomplishment of the Titan Rod Reiss, which although massive in size ultimately does not mean significant casualties.

Given who this particular creature is, if only he had preyed on one Titan Shifter, his potential strength was actually remarkable.

6. Female Titan

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<p> Annie Leonhart is one of the best martial arts experts at 104th Training Corps. As a Titan Shifter, he maintains his common sense and especially his combat skills. The result? He became a threat that could slaughter all members of the Special Operations Squad led by Levi. </p>
<p> In a fight against fellow Titan, Female Titan is able to surpass Titan Attack. Fortunately he was able to be handled by Mikasa. </p>
<h3> <strong> 5. Colossal Titan </strong> </h3>
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The iconic Titan of the series Attack on Titan is definitely dangerous. Because it is too large, the movement is quite limited. But with his ability to spew hot steam, the Colossal Titan can still punish enemies who are trying to attack his weak point. Pursuing it may be easy, dealing with it is difficult. Those who are not Titans will surely burn.

Although his body is difficult to maneuver, the Titan user is smart enough to take advantage of his giant body to fulfill missions or deal with enemies. One of his actions even successfully deal with Attack Titan, when the Titan was successfully paralyzed Armored Titan.

Of course, his massive body size also allowed him to easily overcome a large army just by picking up debris and throwing it. Every physical attack, if hit, also has great destructive power.

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