Into The Spider-Verse the Prime It!

Finally the Spider-Man trailer: Into The Spider-Verse which was premiered, and we can see Miles Morales in action in Spider-Man costume!

Previously, you'd better watch deh Spider-Man trailer: Into The Spider-Verse below, otherwise you'll be confused while reading this article, so just watch below :

In Spider-Man trailer: Into The Spider-Verse that, we see our main character, Miles Morales. Here, Spider-Man meets with other Spider-Man from universe or different dimensions! The style of animation is also very unique, and very comical.

In the comic, there is Spider-Verse which is very interesting, because it brings many Spider-Man from various dimensions, and they fight one same enemy, that is Morlun, one of the powerful Spider-Man enemies most dangerous.

Morlun plans to hunt down all the Spider-Mans that exist throughout the universe or universe Marvel, so that the Spider-Man of various universe were also assembled, forming a team, and working same against Morlun.

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<p> There are some differences in Spider-Man's <em> trailer: Into The Spider-Verse, </em> with his comics (or at least initial speculation). Chances are, Peter Parker is not dead, unlike in comic strips where Miles Morales became Spider-Man, but Peter Parker just entered his old age (which is not in the sense of being really old age). </p>
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So far, apart from Spider-Man Peter Parker and also Spider-Man Miles Morales, there's Spider-Gwen from Earth-65 that appears in the recent trailer .

However, let us consider in more detail, it turns out there are other Spider-Man elements from universe different, and see the picture below:

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<p> Robot? Why with a robot? In the universe <em> Spider-Man </em>there is a Spider-Man originating from Japan, and has the concept of Tokusatsu such as Kamen Rider </em> or <em> Super Sentai </em> and also <em> Ultraman </em>. Like Tokusatsu, Spider-Man Japanese version has a robot named Leopardon. </p>
<p> Uniquely, it turns out Leopardon does appear in comics <em> Spider-Verse </em> helps other Spider-Mans against the Vampire family who will hunt down every Spider-Man. Exciting yes if all Spider-Man get together and work together. </p>
<p> That's <em> Spider-Man trailer: Into The Spider-Verse, </em> what do you think about this animated movie? Please write your opinion in the comment field, and do not forget to share it with your friends, yes. </p>
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