Interesting! This is the Haoshoku Haki Owner's Equation So Far!

Previously, the author had already discussed the figures who accounted for having Haoshoku Haki.

The names on the list are mostly considered from the similarities of the characteristics of the Haoshoku Haki proprietors known so far.

Yep, ten Haoshoku Haki users who have been revealed all have certain similarities. Curious? Here is the resemblance that the author finds!



Able to Get Loyalty from the Tough Warriors



Yep, the ten owners of Haoshoku Haki so far have always managed to gain the loyalty of their followers. Though their followers are also not weak people, but strong fighter.

We take the example of Doflamingo. Though unbelievably evil, and in the end he was indeed betrayed by the Viola, men like Pica and Trebol have been really loyal to him ever since he was a child.

Edward Newgate? All members of the Whitebeard pirate group are willing to die if their father leads them into a major battle.

Charlotte Linlin? With intimidation and blood ties, his children were mostly loyal to him.

Boa Hancock? With beauty and strength (because indeed in Amazon Lily beauty is power anyway) all Kuja's forces that controlled Haki bow to him.

Then do not forget Luffy. Zoro and Sanji will not follow indiscriminately, but so far they are extraordinarily loyal.

There are Haoshoku Haki users who rely on fear (Linlin), some rely on familial ties (Whitebeard), others rely on friendship ties (Luffy). Either way, they always managed to convince the tough fighters to follow them.

No wonder, Haoshoku Haki rulers can usually reach New World in their adventure?

Continued resemblance of Haoshoku Haki's owners can you check on the second page!

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