Interesting! This Dragon Ball Super Movie Character Design for Goku and Vegeta!

Dragon Ball Super may be finished, but the fan Dragon Ball can anticipate the continuation of Goku's adventure in movie which will air in Japan later in December, ie Dragon Ball Super Movie .

Looking forward to the latest information on this one title? Good news for you, Yonkou Production's Twitter account shows the character design Dragon Ball Super Movie .

In terms of design, this illustration features a feature that is more or less the same as the teaser version: much more concise and simple than usual.

The character design Dragon Ball Super Movie also shows that, yep, Goku and Vegeta can still use Super Saiyan form in this movie. But it is also unique that the first exhibited precisely the form of Super Saiyan regular, not Super Saiyan Blue which has become the mainstay of this duo since Super .

The above character design drawing also confirmed that the god of destruction Beerus, Whis as his angel, and Piccolo will also be present in the film later.

Character design Dragon Ball Super Movie handled by Naohiro Shintani. Prior to this, Shintani was also in charge of working on character design for One Piece Movie Z . This Shintani design was then approved by Akira Toriyama himself.

What do you think about the character design Dragon Ball Super Movie above? Preferred from serial Super ? Less like because it feels simple? Convey in the comment field!

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