Interesting Thing of the Shichibukai Childhood Pictures: What's Up with Teach?


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During the discussion of Crocodile's secrets, the author also shares Eiichiro Oda's image showing the childhood of the Shichibukai.

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<p> There are some interesting things on the picture. Showed that since childhood Jinbe and Mihawk have been actively practicing. Mihawk even to the point of battered, signifying that his title as the Greatest Sword Expert in the World he achieved thanks to hard work and blood and sweat sacrifice. When he matured the writer never saw him scratched. </p>
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<p> Then there's Crocodile. Putting aside the controversy whether Crocodile was a girl or a boy, this one boy seems to have been involved with the black world since childhood. Just look at the gun he was carrying and his spooky expression. </p>
<p> Then Kuma, long before he was made a Pacifista. Kuma seems to be a religious person, considering he always carries the gospel. Looking at his bald head and the wood he was carrying, Kuma apparently was at first great at the temple. </p>
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But of all this, the author's interest is precisely the situation of Marshall D. Teach, the Blackbeard.

Look again at the Shichibukai childhood image above. You'll find that these big pirate boys are shown with neutral or happy expressions. Only Teach a man is shown until his sad cry in this picture.

Whereas in adulthood, from the Shichibukai shown in the picture, only Teach and Doflamingo look the most cheerful. Of the two it was only Teach whose cheerfulness was genuine, not clothed or degrading.

Apparently, with this picture Eiichiro Oda illustrates Teach's motivation to become a pirate king: the childhood of this one might be so sad that he decides to be the most powerful and feared person in the world so he will not feel any more of the events make him grieve first.

Which is to be anticipated yes: almost all figures One Piece has a sad past. Even crime figures like Moriah and Doflamingo feel the tragedy, Moriah's men slaughtered Kaido while Doflamingo was once executed (because of his own act). If Teach has been shown sadly in this picture, his past may be more tragic than all his colleagues.

Make me curious too ya

Well, how do you think about the Shichibukai childhood picture above? Convey in the comment field!

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