Interesting! Gintoki's Seiyu So Voiced by Charlotte Katakuri in Anime One Piece!

The anime's Whole Cake Island groove is growing. The appearance of Charlotte's favorite fan family member, Charlotte Katakuri, is getting closer.

Well, it has now been announced who will be the voice of Charlotte Katakuri. He is Tomokazu Sugita, who may be familiar in the fan's ear as Sakata Gintoki in Gintama !

Is this the Katakuri of Gintoki's silly contagion? Certainly not. But this announcement could have made OPLovers who have followed his manga to imagine a particular scene involving Katakuri being unusual. It would be interesting to see how Sugita brought this character in the situation.

For the already curious, the image below shows Katakuri's design for the anime version and also an announcement about the identity of the anonymous voice of the anime version of Charlotte Katakuri.

For the uninitiated, Charlotte Katakuri is one of three Big Mom's Sweet Commander. Compared to Cracker and Smoothie, it also has the highest game value, up to more than a billion Belly. That alone gives an idea of ​​how dangerous this one man is.


Among his brothers, Katakuri was admired for his calm and strength. In the end, he will be the hardest test for Luffy to get away from Whole Cake Island alive … as well as the key to Luffy becoming stronger

Manga readers have long waited for the appearance of this one character. Mainly because he was involved in some of the most exciting battles on Whole Cake Island. It will be very interesting to see jotos-fights jotos are presented in the form of animated color, complete with sound. The manga version of it just feels epic.

How do you respond to the selection of Sugita as the voice of Charlotte Katakuri? Just say in the comment field! Do not hesitate also for share and tag this article to your likes One Piece especially those who have long waited to see what Katakuri looks like in anime.

Oh, in addition: if you want to prepare yourself with Sugita's voice, he has just filled the voice of Pipimi in Pop Team Epic episode 5.

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