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<h4> Of the many Studio Ghibli movies, you must be confused to watch which one first. In order not to be confused, let's read one by one yuk about the 8 best Ghibli movies! </h4>
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<p class= Castle in the Sky / Tenkuu no Shiro no Laputa (1986)

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<p> The best Ghibli movie we will discuss first tells the story of a girl named Sheeta who was helped by a boy named Pazu. They find a miracle on Sheeta's necklace that turns the key to Laputa, the palace floating above the clouds. </p>
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Their adventure is colored by a key fighting battle towards the Laputa. More precisely at war with Captain Dola who wants to control the entire palace in the sky. Pazu and Sheeta had to fight for the key back from the captain Dola.

The film adaptation of a novel has won the award in 1986.


Kiki's Delivery Service / Majo no Takkyubin (1989)

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<p> This one film tells of a young girl named Kiki. He was a young magician who had to live a new life in a new city in order to fulfill his family tradition. </p>
<p> Together with Jiji, the black cat who accompanied his new life journey in a town called Koriko, Kiki helps many people. Thanks to that, he meets with Tombo and some new people who make Kiki's life journey more interesting! </p>
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Summon Gate

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Attractive anime visual quality, solid gameplay, and bonus characters from other games like King of Fighters. Summon Gate has many reasons to play!

This anime gets a lot of positive response, especially from teenage female audience because it talks about the independence of a young girl.


The Grave of the Fireflies / Hotaru no Haka (1988)

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<p> One of the films that can drain the tears of his audience is entitled The Grave of the Fireflies. The film that made it into the list of the best Ghibli films was set in 1945 when World War II took place. </p>
<p> Throughout this animated film tells the tragedy of Seita's life and her sister named Setsuko. At the age of those who are young, they already feel the cruel life. </p>
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It all started when they lost both parents, until finally they decided to live in a used barracks and they had to steal food to survive. Nonetheless, their lives are still colored with joking laughter.

This story is lifted from an autobiography of a writer named Akiyuki Nosaka in 1967 which recounts his experiences during the world war first. The film also won several awards both in Japan and internationally.


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind / Kaze no Tani no Naushika (1984)

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<p> This one film has indeed released over 30 years ago, but the quality of the story is no less exciting than the latest Studio Ghibli movie. The film tells the story of the struggle of Nausicaa, a young adventurous girl who struggles to protect her village from environmental destruction and attacks from another country, Tolmekian. </p>
<p> Nausicaa also likes adventure in a poisonous forest to do research after her village. This is because he heard the Tolmecian state will attack to destroy his village and cause toxic forest pollution. Nevertheless, his father forbade him to do so. </p>
<p> Assisted by Asbel, the warrior of Pejite, they fight against the cruel Kushana, the leader of Tolmekian. They also tried to calm the Ohm to stop the rampage because his environment was marred by human beings. </p>
<p> The film also gives a moral message to the audience to keep the environment around. In terms of image quality, this film is quite good in terms of graphics for the movie of the 80s. </p>
<h4> There are still four best Ghibli movies on the next page. Let's check! </h4>
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