Instead of Continuing, Super Dragon Ball is Better Graduation!

Over 120 episodes Dragon Ball Super has been released. During that time, it was indeed Dragon Ball Super better finish

Anime Dragon Ball Super is planned to be finished by the end of March. On April 1st, anime GeGeGe no Kitaro will air on Fuji TV and replace the Dragon Ball Super . Seeing April 1 is April Fool's day, of course some fans-including me-are starting to think that this anime change is a preparation for April Fools

Although it is possible that his graduation announcement Dragon Ball Super is an April Fool's joke, but I think that indeed Dragon Ball Super is better to finish than proceed further. Why do I think so? Because Dragon Ball Super no longer offers an interesting story.

Dragon Ball Super is one of today's popular anime and some arc is also quite entertaining-that's the fact. But Dragon Ball Super does not offer an interesting story, or at least as interesting as what it offers like Dragon Ball original by Akira Toriyama.


The first problem I thought was that Dragon Ball Super is better to finish is because this series no longer offers an interesting story. Why is not the story interesting? Due to the lack of development of the characters of the existing figures.

In contrast, figures like Goku and Vegeta have been painstakingly developed over the years instead of being crushed into characters jokes or jokes character here.

Take Goku's example. In Dragon Ball Super he is depicted as a figure who goofy and always jokes-only really serious when fighting. In addition, she is also described as a father figure and also a bad husband: abandoning his wife and family and focusing more on his battle.


If you read my previous article about how Goku is portrayed as a good father and husband in the original Dragon Ball manga, you must realize that Goku, who was much older and cared about his family as the story goes.

If you read back from the beginning of the manga, then you will find that Goku who at the beginning of the manga is very childish. But once entering Piccolo Jr. Saga, he became more serious and mature. He faced Piccolo with great seriousness, trying to save Us who was then swallowed in Piccolo's body, and much more.

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<p style= Perhaps the development of Goku's character that really feels is when entering Frieza Saga where he transforms into a Super Saiya man. At that time, Goku who was consumed by anger really became a completely different figure. He yells at Gohan to leave immediately before he can not really control himself.

Hell, he even with his selfish does not want to be removed from Namek planet only to avenge the murdered Kuririn. He wants to defeat Frieza, who has mobilized 100% of his strength, just to embarrass Frieza. Kaio even commented that Goku who was a Saiya Super man was not Goku he knew, he is now a furious warrior.

Here, we can see how Goku's character really changes. We can also feel the anger and sadness felt by Goku. Another example is as he sacrificed himself to move the Cell that will explode. Feels really heroic and dramatic.

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<p style= Such things are so rare I find-or maybe none at all-in Dragon Ball Super . This latest series is as if the point is just a matter of fighting and increasing strength alone.

Indeed, sometimes he will do silly acts that invite laughter. However, the placement of Goku's absurdity feels right on the place and situation. Like for example when he first came on the planet Kaioo:

Or when he meets the Kaioo-shin elders and shoots his face with ki blast . Gag and the comedy shown here feels right and entertaining.

And speaking of a character whose character is destroyed, there is another character whose character was completely destroyed in Dragon Ball Super . It also makes me think that [DragonBallSuper is better finished. Continue to page 2!

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