Inojin Can not Use Choju Giga! What Happened?


Boruto episode 33 focus shows Inojin. Sai and Ino's son can not use Choju Giga anymore. Why? This is the discussion!

Discussion Boruto episode 33 clearly contains spoilers exciting scenes in this week's impressions. If you do not like to get a leak, obviously you're wrong in the article. So think twice before continuing reading.

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Then where can you watch? Crunchyroll is a legal and good option for now.

For those who are already watching, or do not mind spoiler just read the review below.



Secret of Choju Giga

From the beginning of Boruto episode 33, Inojin started having trouble using Choju Giga. All of a sudden all the animals of the picture break down into ink before doing anything.

The audience may have thought the cause of this problem is Inojin had scans and print the image itself. But slowly it looks if that's not why Choju Giga can not work.

Basically, Inojin started not enjoying the drawing. This makes every work cool. The visuals may look good, but there is no emotion or soul inside them. As a result, the animal he created also can not work.

When he finally realizes his mistake, Inojin gets two things. Firstly, Choju Giga obviously returns to its proper function.

Second: Inojin's joy to draw also recovers. Maybe this will be Inojin's turning point to a tough Genin, once he graduated from the Academy later.


The Moment of Mesra Sai and Ino

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<p> Both Sai and Ino are equally marginalized in this <em> Boruto </em> era. They usually only appear briefly in certain episodes. That is separately. </p>
<p> You include <em> fans </em> Sai-Ino couple who are annoyed with this phenomenon? Then you must watch yourself <em> Boruto </em> episode 33. </p>
<p> Since this episode highlighted the problem of Inojin, their child together, surely Sai and Ino are highlighted as a pair of parents. There was even a sweet moment that would make <em> fans </em> this couple happy. </p>
<p> You can also see that Ino and Sai are good parents. Sai may not say much and sometimes give way too much to her child, but she still cares about Inojin. He even tries to teach Inojin a lesson indirectly. </p>
<h4> Another interesting thing that happened in <em> Boruto </em> episode 33 can you check on the second page! </h4>
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