Initial Design of the 3rd Hokage Turns Not Human!

The 3rd Hokage is known as the figure of grandparents who protect children and young Konoha villagers like his own grandchild. However, do you know that the real character Hiruzen Sarutobi originally was not originally planned as a human being, but … a dog ?

Naruto: Naruto: The Secret Scroll of Confrontation Naruto Hiden: Rin no Sho ), Masashi Kishimoto as the creator of Naruto showcased some of the early designs of Hokage which he will use in comics Naruto later. Starting from the first to the fourth Hokage designs are all shown in one part of the guidebook for the Naruto series . The initial design of Hokage-3 itself can be seen through the image below:

 initial design of the 3rd naruto hokage "width =" 617 "height =" 800 "/> </p>
<p style= In the same book, Kishimoto- sensei commented:

" This is something that can overturn the foundation of Naruto's world now * laughs *. Actually, I originally made the 3rd Hokage a dog, you know! The plan, it was the 2nd Hokage dog that was so great finally elected to be a Hokage.

It might be interesting if a dog tops the village. But, because the plan is too distorted, so I canceled. The change took place just before being serialized, I finally had to rush off the face image of the dog * laugh *. "


As mentioned earlier, Masashi Kishimoto also shows the initial design of the first, second, and fourth Hokage. Intrigued by the initial design like what? You can see it on next page !

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