Initial Design of Jiraiya by Masashi Kishimoto Apparently There Are Quite Many!

Jiraiya is one of the popular characters in the Naruto series . The teacher of Naruto is known as an elderly man who has a body bongsor and white hair. However, did you know that Jiraiya's initial design was quite different from the Jiraiya you know today?

Naruto: The Secret Scroll of Confrontation Naruto Hiden: Rin no Sho ), Masashi Kishimoto as the creator of Naruto shows the early design of Jiraiya unused. In guidebook there are at least three early unused Jiraiya designs. One of them is the character design below:

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<p class= Looks cooler this one anyway I think … haha!

Maybe this is the very first design of Jiraiya. Masashi Kishimoto tells that in every ninja story, Jiraiya's character is a legendary figure so he decided to make Jiraiya character like the above design. According to the creator also, the plan he wants to make Jiraiya as a ninja who can be transformed in accordance with mood or emotion.

Kishimoto says that Jiraiya's face will turn into ugly old uncles when he's very excited or seeing a beautiful woman. Kishimoto says that this change makes Jiraiya unpopular even though he is very strong. He also added two frogs on Jiraiya's shoulders each time he changed. You can see Jiraiya's changes through the image on next page!

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