Inget Not? Here He Is The Book Note Roberto Hongo

What is the key to Captain Tsubasa's success? Perhaps he is a gifted child of football, perhaps he was destined for it. But no one too if Tsubasa can champion soccer because of practice. And it is said, he practiced based on Roberto Hongo's notebook.

Roberto Hongo's notebook is the one he got when Roberto decided to go back to Brazil first, when Tsubasa was in his spirits in football. This notebook supposedly contains Roberto's note for Tsubasa, about his playing position, his important role, his playing techniques, and so on. Of course there are also special messages from Roberto for Tsubasa.

But what did Roberto write for Tsubasa, so he could be the soccer genius? Let us refer to the contents of the notebook note Roberto Hongo.

Page 1: Tsubasa's position

On page 1, Roberto Hongo suggested that Tsubasa fill the midfielder's position in football. As we know, Tsubasa at the beginning coached Roberto has tried all the positions, both attackers, defenders, even even goalkeepers. But with Tsubasa's game type, Roberto finally suggested that Tsubasa occupy the midfielder's position because he can create stability and become the backbone of the team game he played.

Page 2 through 11: The Midfielder

The next ten pages, Roberto Hongo explains how important the position of midfield players in football. This is to explain why Roberto suggested Tsubasa occupy the midfielder's position described on the first page.

The following pages describe the method of practice that should be done by Tsubasa. One method of this exercise also explains how to get Tsubasa to master a great kick-kick, that is …

Page 15: Drive Shoot Jutsu

Several pages after page 15, Roberto Hongo teaches his ultimate drive Shoot. Tsubasa who has a strong kick and can kick the ball far away, it is advisable to make the ball that he kicks have the effect of forward rotation with a fixed speed. With this rotation, the kicked ball will have a sharp downward effect when the ball starts to fall. This kick will be captured by the goalkeeper because of a sudden change of direction.

Roberto Hongo even gives a detailed illustration of this Drive Shoot technique. Tsubasa suggested kicking over the fence and dropping the ball near the crossbar to make this kick effective.

Tsubasa mastered this Drive Shoot moment during Nankatsu Junior High School, when Roberto was back in Japan. Tsubasa even managed to perfect this technique and create a stronger stance, the Flying Drive Shoot.

Page 22: Brazilian Football

On page 22 onwards, Roberto Hongo explains about soccer in Brazil. This is in line with his hopes of bringing Tsubasa to the Brazilian League. Because Roberto believes Tsubasa can flourish if playing in Brazil.

But in fact Roberto did not keep his promise to bring Tsubasa to Brazil. Tsubasa precisely with his own efforts can play in the Brazil League with FC Broncos.

Page 52: Soccer is fun

The most important thing in Roberto Hongo's notebook is that Tsubasa must love football. Therefore, he should assume that football is fun. With a sense of pleasure, Tsubasa so can play off even the game so growing.

How do you think about Roberto Hongo's notebook ? Is there anything else you know? Want to discuss this topic with your friends? Feel free to share and tag yes!

Edited by Doni Jaelani

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