Incompetent! It's The Leaders Figure in the Worst Anime!


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<h4 class= There are a number of leaders in the anime that more often make trouble than to overcome them. Here are some of them!

Many of the leader figures in the anime are actually awesome. For example there is Sengoku, the former fleet admiral in One Piece . This one man may seem cold and cruel in his duty, but he still thinks of the principle of justice.

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With his tactical ability, he could use the Navy and the Shichibukai to reverse the situation against the Whitebeard group.

But there are also figures like below. The leaders in this anime are too brutal for no apparent reason or are more likely to trouble instead of solving them. Anyone? Here is the discussion!



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<p> In the era of pirates, the Navy had to really take the bones to deal with the problems created. The World <i> One Piece </i> is so vast and their personnel is so few. </p>
<p> That too sometimes there are too corrupt like Captain Nezumi, mad power like Morgan, or really brutal like Akainu. In the end honest officers like Smoker are more often dizzy. </p>
<p> What makes Smoker and the Navy heroes even more dizzy is Gorousi. These paranoid old men are rulers from all over the world <i> One Piece </i> today. Perhaps Tenryuubito had a higher position than them, but the nobles seemed to hand over the world's problems entirely to the Gorosei. </p>
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Some prominent Gorosei actions so far are destroying Ohara for studying the history of the Void Age, not doing anything in response to Tenryuubito allowing Doflamingo to pretend to be descending from the Shichibukai (incensing Akainu), and not announcing the break-up of Impel Down Sengoku).

All these actions result in destruction of innocent people and even harm the Navy. Even Akainu and Sengoku who were actually loyal to the World Government were furious about their decision.

There may be a good reason why Gorosei is trying desperately to cover up what happened in the Emptiness Age. But for now, these parents look more like a bunch of paranoid bureaucrats who fully dance in the tyrannical Tenryuubito's control



Moose has only one strategy in battle: the ascent goes in a straight line.

The Moose Force consists of many Friends who actually have exciting skills. Like White Rhinoceros who has a good defense because of his armor and Chameleon that can become invisible. But he did not think to use them properly until Kaban came to help him.

At least, the battle between the Moose and Lion gangs is really just like the game – which is done too seriously. So the consequences of the successive defeat of the Moose gang are not as serious as the other names on this list.

If you lead troops in Lords Mobile like Moose ya you will lose. The battle of the game Lords Mobile runs real-time, so your strategy skills and quick thinking will sometimes be demanded. If you are trapped in a trap, especially in PvP, your troops will probably be cleared away easily

In addition to tactical thinking, you must also strengthen your troops and Hero. In Lords Mobile there is Castle Build and Defense feature, so you can attack other player's empire, and vice versa.

But not just beperang just you know. You can capture and maintain various monsters in the game. Not only as a pet, but this monster will also help you in fighting against other kingdoms, as well as helping protect your empire!

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Continued discussion of the leader figure in this anime you can read on the second page!


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