In Japan, Kimi no Na wa. Successfully Beat Frozen in This!


Although it was aired in August 2016 yesterday, it turned out that the fever Kimi no Na wa still continued and still broke some records after the movie had gone down from the cinema.

In the past two years, all the anime fans and those who were not shocked by one Japanese film made by Makoto Shinkai Kimi no Na wa . In a short time, this inter-world love story, between time, and between dimensions has won the hearts of Japanese audiences and the world's audience.

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The audience is so stunned by the love story of Taki and Mitsuha as well as the visual grandeur shown in this movie when it appears in theaters. The amazement was still carried away and imprinted when the film aired on Japanese television for the first time.

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TV stations that play Kimi no Na wa TV Asahi announced on Friday that the ratings of this anime movie when aired on TV on January 3, 2018 then amounted to 26.3% and broke the record that other films had already scored.

The film successfully passed the previous record by other popular films such as Frozen which began airing March 4, 2017 yesterday and Shin Godzilla on November 12, 2017 yesterday with a score of 15.2 %.

When Kimi no Na wa appeared in theaters, a film that tells of the love story between Mitsuha and Taki who lives in a different background and has the ability to exchange bodies has managed to reap domestic income of US $ 303 million (about Rp4 trillion) and has been sitting in the first position of Japanese box office charts for 12 weeks.

The film also became the best-selling film in Japan throughout 2016 beating other box office movies such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens Shin Godzilla Zootopia and, Finding Dory. The film, directed by Makoto Shinkai also managed to deliver 10% of revenue from the total profit of Japanese films throughout 2016.

Not only succeeded in bringing tremendous profits within Japan but the influence of the film reached the whole world. The film managed to become the most searched title in South Korea during the year 2017 yesterday and is planned to be converted into live action format in the hands of Hollywood filmmakers.

Hmmm, it looks like we all can not move on from Kimi no Na wa .

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