In Boruto, What's Actually Orochimaru's Agenda Through Mitsuki?

Boruto Uzumaki has a close friend, who happens to be a creature of one of the most sought after men during the Fourth Shinobi World War. The fact that the Mitsuki we know today is the second generation Mitsuki after the creation of the troubled Log!

By adopting the old name Log, Mitsuki came to Konohagakure bringing new suspicions. Despite the various heroic actions of this Boruto friend we have witnessed with the sake of being fully aligned with Konohagakure, the motivation for his creation is suspect!

Motivation Mitsuki itself is undeniable, but its identity as a creation Orochimaru provide a new layer of motivation.


What exactly is Orochimaru's desire behind Mitsuki's entry into Konohagakure's assets? Curious? Find out the answer on the next page!

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