Important Guides! This Spring Anime Preview 2018 – Part 1!

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

KLab Inc.


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Be the future captain of your version with the adaptation of Captain Tsubasa's game!

With the end of the winter spectacle of 2018, of course the new anime titles that have been anticipated from before the show are now giving a fresh feel to our list of spectacles. What is the first impression of each of the new anime titles? Check out the first part of the spring anime list 2018 below!

Captain Tsubasa is now returning with a bitter action with the opening episode of the new Anime series which instantly introduces the dynamics of Tsubasa Oozora and Ishizaki Ryo in the Nankatsu Elementary together with Wakabayashi's extraordinarily arrogant and annoying little act.

With a dash of visual effects ala Jojo Bizarre Adventure David Production seems to be a studio that is also destined to work on this world-class newbie series with the title in question. The choice of voice acting for each character is certainly a bit of a question for those who are not accustomed to hearing the elementary school children's voices in every minute of this, especially the goalkeeper Genzo Wakabayashi.

Verdict: Watch it!



SAO Alternative – Gun Gale Online



What if the world Gun Gale Online was given preferential treatment by putting forward the content of the game rather than just becoming the basis of a new case that must be handled by the almighty Kirito? The spin-off adaptation written by Keiichi Sigsawa ( Kino's Journey ) tells of a great high-school student who played GGO with a cute pink little girl character called LLENN.

Nothing is described too far in the first two episodes other than on Karen Kohiruimaki's background in playing GGO and meeting LLENN with her inspiration, Pitohui. But from episode 1 that jumps immediately to promise a more exciting shooting action in the future, SAOA: GGO looks promising to follow.

Verdict: Watch it!

This brand-new video game adaptation is not as promising as anything more than the original source. Like a collection of comotan cutscene of his game, Persona 5 The Animation is only interested in introducing Ren Amamiya and the great things he does when mastering Arsene, a Persona created from a very strong inner struggle.

Nothing looks wrong with his voice acting, but just like the Persona 4 the Animation Anime adaptation this time also has problems in movement from scene to scene that looks stiff.

Perhaps this series is more dedicated to Persona fans who are lazy to spend hours playing the game but still curious about cutscene like what is in it. And of course, a scene adapted from one of these RPG fighting features looks very bland.

Verdict: Watch with caution.

Three more titles in the first part? Why not? Check out his review on the next page!


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