If True Goku Lost, It's 4 Possible Surprises!

Of course, discussions on the possibility of losing Goku below contain potential leaks. The question of speculation is the official synopsis of Dragon Ball Super which seems to contain too much information. If you are anti-leak, it is not recommended to read further.

If you have read the synopsis in question or do not care about the leak then please read the review below!


The intended surprise synopsis recounts episode 131.

Son Goku is thrown out of the arena. It looks like Universe 7 has been lost and everyone will be deleted. When Goku has exceeded his limit to see Zeno and Jiren together, it looks like the tournament is not over yet. Then, a "death beam" was fired onto Jiren's back. The fighters who have been exhausted from Universe 7 show themselves!

Thrown out of the arena ?! Goku lost dong ?! Universe 7 had to hang their hopes on their most dangerous fighter: Frieza. Whereas Frieza had previously been humiliated by Toppo and Jiren

Reading the possibility of this defeated Goku makes the author think of some possible exciting surprises.




Frieza Wins, but Decides Not to Use Super Dragon Ball



Frieza may be very annoying. But he has been repeatedly aided by the Universe 7 fighters in this tournament. Starting from Android 17 (which saved him when he was almost eliminated by Toppo) up to Gohan (save him when he urged Dyspo).

It would be very surprising that after Goku was defeated, and all the fighters of Universe 7 were convinced Frieza would ask for a bad request, he instead handed the decision on the use of Super Dragon Ball to others.

Title Dragon Ball Super 131 is said preview is A Miraculous Conclusion! Goodbye Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!

So it seems whoever the winner of the tournament, the result will be positive.



Jiren Wins, but Instantly Revives Universe 7



Jiren greatly exalts power. After spending most of the tournament with a bored face, because no one can keep up with it, Ultra Instinct Goku will finally give an exciting resistance to Jiren.

If you read the synopsis Dragon Ball Super 131 above, you will realize that Frieza has not written about eliminating Jiren. It only shows its existence with the launch of Death Beam. The battle can happen, then Frieza finally knocked out too.

The author feels there is a possibility of fierce resistance Goku makes Jiren respect the fighter. So he just asks Universe 7 to be restored again so he can fight with Goku again. It will also be a magical surprise, according to the episode title. But maybe the audience will be upset because Goku is actually saved by his enemy.

Another possible surprise that Goku could lose could you read on the second page!

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