If The One Piece Yonko Fight, Who Will Win? This is the Discussion!


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<h4> If the Yonko <em> One Piece </em> are at war now, who will win? This is analysis <em> Duniaku.net </em> based on known facts! </h4>
<p> To discuss the winner in the possibility of war between all Yonko <em> One Piece </em> today, the author does not take into account the Straw Hats group, whose movement is very unpredictable. The authors consider yes only these four groups plus the Navy, which will surely target the situation. </p>
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A definite result if Yonko is at war at the same time: New World will be ravaged. Just imagine, one captain is the strongest creature in the world, the other being a greedy woman who has so far been almost unstoppable, the other having the power of darkness and earthquakes at once, while the remaining one was able to fight a draw with Mihawk.

The scale of this battle will be truly massive. The fallen casualties will also be overwhelming. In the end, in this situation the most tactical group will come out as winners.

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Return to the discussion of war between Yonko One Piece, refer to the reviews of each of the participants below!



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<p> <strong> Strength of Forces: </strong> Captain who is the strongest creature in the world <em> One Piece, </em> hundreds of SMILE Devil Fruit troops, dangerous weapons such as Koro poisonous gas. One of his men was Jack, who had fought for days against Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. </p>
<p> <strong> Possible Wins: </strong> Low </p>
<p> In the event of a war between Yonko <em> One Piece </em> today, the author feels two pirates who could trigger him is Kaido or Blackbeard. </p>
<p> Kaido because he really likes bloodshed and battle, Blackbeard because he has to complete the Road Poneglyph to find One Piece and become the king of pirates. </p>
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Seeing the power of Jack, Kaido's army will be very, very terrible. Strengthened by the SMILE forces, Kaido himself, as well as the Supernova who are still still joining him (Apoo and X Drake), Kaido will certainly cause severe destruction throughout New World.

But the author feels the savage nature of Kaido and his tendency to not want to hear his subordinates will make sure he will not come out as the winner. Shanks, Big Mom, and Blackbeard may be furiously fighting him, but in the end Kaido and his troops will collapse.

Then what about the three other Yonko One Piece ? Check the follow-up discussion on the second page!


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