If The Kurohige and Kerberos Theories Are True, This Possibility Happened!

The old theory comes up again! In the past, it had been crowded that Kurohige and Kerberos, or mythological animals in the form of dogs with three heads have similarities.

But be quiet, in this article, we will not discuss the theory, which starts from his Jolly Roger logo which is a three-headed skull, as well as a wound on Shanks's three-pronged face.

This is only a theory and there is an 80% chance of being wrong (the name is also the theory, just for fun ) but here, we would suppose, if indeed Kurohige and Kerberos or cerberus have anything to do, guess this is going to happen and may be a speculation about the power of Kurohige.

Perhaps it has also appeared in speculation, but we must still input into the possibilities that occur if Kurohige and Kerberos are related.

Something related to the Devil Fruit of a living species is usually Zoan, for example like Rob Lucci with Neko Neko no Mi leopard type, Chopper with Hito Hito no Mi type humans, and so on.

If Kurohige and Kerberos are related, the likelihood of his type is Zoan Mythology, like Hito Hito no Mi Daibutsu type belongs to Sengoku. Either Marco's Phoenix belonged to mythology or not because it had not been explained, but probably yes.

Kerberos or Cerberus are also mythological creatures that either exist or not, therefore fall into this category.

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If Kerberos is a Zoan of mythological type, then he should have unique abilities that are different from others, and relate to the theory of why he is capable of possessing more than one Devil Fruit! Check out the next page!

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